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Mission and Goals

Our mission statement is to join together the hearts of women that will pray for the United States; to bring personal meaning to the phrase "In God We Trust" at all levels of public policy. Also, to pray that the base of public policy would adhere to Biblical and Constitutional principles that our founding fathers established. Most importantly, to pray for unity in the country, for righteous officials to be elected and for the protection of our country.

Our goal is to gather a count of votes that are committed to the election of conservative candidates at all levels of government. We are committed to getting President Trump, Mike Pence, and all other conservative Christian candidates re-elected.

Targets for the up-coming 2020 election

  • To have women commit to praying for our nation and its leaders on a daily basis, as well as in monthly prayer meetings.
  • To have a million women signed up at our website committed to voting for President Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, and all other conservative candidates.
  • To propel women towards engagement in the political process through education and working with local Republican clubs to take charge of securing the vote.




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